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History Of Our

Stained Glass Windows

The large west window of the sanctuary is of the countryside with the brightly shining Star of Bethlehem at Jesus’ birth.  The window is given in memory of the Fred Brandsmeier family.

The large north window is also of the country side with three crosses which represents the crucifixion and Jesus’ death.  The windows is given in memory of the Peter Bieber Sr. family.

The southwest window has the wheat to represent the Bread of Life Given in memory of the Henry Rueggermeier family.

The sanctuary is also graced by two lare windows in our annex and ten smaller windows.

The cost of each of the large windows was $400.  The first windows were destroyed by a hail storm in 1908.  After temporary repairs, the congregation voted to replace the windows in 1909.  In 1933 the art glass windows were repaired and in 1976 the windows were once again repaired and an exterior protective covering was added.


The Origin Of The Windows

The windows were ordered from Germany at the time of that World War One was beginning in Europe.  The art glass was all handmade by craftsmen in Germany.  The two men worked long and carefully.  By the time the art glass was ready, the men felt it was not safe to send it to America.  They were afraid the ship might be attacked, so the buried the glass in the earth until they felt the time was safe to send it.  The men dug up the pieces, cleaned and packed them and came with them to Iowa.  They stayed with people from the congregation until the windows were put together and installed in Zion’s Sanctuary.  Then they returned to their homeland.  Their names were not recorded but their work has been treasured by Zion congregation, past and present.

(The history of the windows provided by Ruth Schneider)

To see the transformation of the new windows visit Reinart's Stained Glass Studio

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